James Johnson II

I am a black professional Voice Actor and On Camera Actor with a passion in comedy and drama. I provide the ability to bring stories to life both in person and through my professional studio.

Email: JamesJ@actorjames.com


James Johnson II is a voice actor, actor, and content creator. His voice acting spark began when he was in the third grade with 2 action figures and a group of his peers being entertained with the story between the 2 characters that he was playing. From that moment he discovered his passion for entertaining audiences and bringing stories of characters to life. Through the years James has played Basketball, played the Saxophone, and ran professional organizations, but his joy of story telling and providing joy to audiences was always at the root of everything he touches.James has a happy spirit that is pleasant to be around. In his work he aims at creating entertaining story development that not only provides joy to his audience, but leaves them with a life lesson to take away. James' distinct baritone voice is one of a kind and he utilizes it to breathe life into every character he touches.

My Setup

Studio Quality Recording Booth
Mic: Sennheiser MKE 600
Interface: Audient iD24
Internet: 1GB Upload/Download
DAW: Adobe Auditions, Pro Tools


Water Towers Theatre
Meisner Acting Technique with Terry Martin & Shane Petermans
Stomping Ground
Level 1 Improv with Milo Wilder
Iolite Studioz
ADR Commercial Dubbing with Bryan Massey
Voice Auditions with Tyler Walker
Anime Dubbing with Jonathan Rigg
Character Acting with Bryan Massey
Commercial Sides with Cliff Zellman
Anime Dubbing with Dani Chambers
Character Acting with Sarah Roach
Voice Auditions with Jim Foronda
Acting Fundamentals with Jason Lord
Anime Dubbing with Kevin Thelwell
Voice Auditions with Austin Sisk
Anime Dubbing with Jordan Dash Cruz
E-Learning with Julie Shields
Anime Dubbing with Manny Aragon
ADR Dubbing with Shawn Gahn
Studio Topaz
Voice Acting Bootcamp with Jason Lord & Erin Lundquist
Private Lessons with Erin Lundquist
Jose Sandoval ADR Dubbing
ADR Animation Dubbing with Tyler Walker, Jill Harris, Anthony Bowling
KD Conservatory
Television & Radio Voice Acting
Bella Modeling & Acting School
Acting 101 & 201 with Kamen Casey


Voice Acting

Guns Blazing - Mohammed Adisa
Ollabar's Dream - Ziggy Bolt
Den of Necessity - Veleris Ankhayat
The Bureaucratic Guild - Dakris Horxis
Dark Sun - Souta Tempest
Echoes of Ashune - Vaz Ettie

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James Johnson II

Content Creator | Producer | Video Editor

I’m James Johnson II, a voice actor, TTRPG Performer, and Content Creator.Through my work, I love helping others reach their true potential through the digital and traditional performance arts space. I would love for the opportunity to produce and be on-camera or lend my voice

Email: JamesJ@actorjames.com


Before James produced content in the entertainment industry, James was a Project Manager at a Healthcare Architecture Firm where he managed projects and project teams on projects ranging up to 1 billion dollars. After jumping from architecture to entertainment, James successfully ran and produced shows within the entertainment industry.Notable Produced Shows:
- Entertainment Inc., No Rest At The Kingdom (Executive Producer, Creator, Showrunner)
- Entertainment Inc., Beauty and Horror (Executive Producer, Creator, Showrunner)
- Big Bad Con, Freelancing in Tabletop (Stream Producer)
- Big Bad Con, Stronger Together: Peer Collaboration in TTRPGs (Stream Producer)
- J2Ruto Let’s Plays (Producer, Host)


In 2024 James created the organization Inventive 4 Change (I.4.C.) which is an organization that strives towards helping others reach their true potential. In March of 2024, James spearheaded raising money for Black Girls Code which is an organization that is geared towards providing black girls with education resources to learn how to code and computer programming. Inventive 4 Change hosted a multitude of events geared towards raising funds for Black Girls Code.James created and produced Entertainment Inc. which was about a group of explorers who work for this Entertainment Company that also solves murder mysteries. James not only assembled the pitch deck to create the concept for the show, but he also was the casting director, produced the story, created the schedule, produced the prerecorded episode, created the overlays and scenes, video edited, composed the music, and produced the live stream.




James is also a host who has experience not only with live broadcast hosting, but running games for Tabletop Roleplaying Games Publishers. He has been known to work with Hunter's Entertainment, Monte Cook Games, Magpie Games, and Smite with hosting games or live entertainment.



At Gen Con, one of the largest tabletop gaming conventions in the United States, James has had the opportunity to run games for publishers such as Hunter's Entertainment, Monte Cook Games, and Magpie Games. James has had the privilege to be a part of the group of Rangers who debuted the new TTRPG Ragnarock, to convention attendees who were interested in previewing the game before public release. As a host, James' role is to be the Game Master for the convention attendees who are interested in previewing and playing in the publisher's games. James has experience with various TTRPG systems and exposes the convention attendees to the gameplay style and how the mechanics work. James either has the adventuring party set in a premade world or he generates a world and a story for the adventurers to take part in. Safety and making sure everyone at the table has a good experience is James' number one priority when he runs games for gaming publishers.

Smite Game Partner Community Streamer

James was a Smite Game Community streamer for Hi-Rez - Titan Forge Games from 2022 - 2024. As a Community Streamer James was responsible for producing and facilitating his live streams to be the brand and the face of the Smite Game Twitch Channel (https://www.twitch.tv/smitegame). The Smite Game Twitch Channel has about 700k+ Followers and viewership ranges from 1.5k-12k at peak times. In 2024 James transitioned from being part of the Smite Stream Team to a Community Ambassador where he is working with the developer team as a playtester for both Smite and Smite 2. His role as a Community Ambassador is to provide the developers with valuable feedback to enhance the gamer experience in a game before the release of the game to the general public. James also acts as the liaison between the community and the developer team when community feedback needs to be given to the developer team. In 2024, James also participated in the Smite World Championship Creator Showmatch where he was on the mainstage at the Smite Game Convention debuting the new season of Smite for the first time before its release.